Embrace mobility and efficiency with table-side ordering and line busting.

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More About OrderPad by CAKE

Add mobility & efficiency with CAKE’s iPad Point of Sale solution: 

 Built for Line Busting – Most owners would love to have a line out the door, but if you can’t get the customer to the counter, nobody wins. Long lines can also discourage potential customers when they see the wait time. CAKE OrderPad is the perfect solution to handle peak QSR rushes. This simple iPad app is there when you need it, and allows you to service queued customers as far as your Wi-Fi network will let you.

Instant Table Side Order Entry – For full-service restaurants, a key profitability factor is the number of tables your can turn in a service. CAKE OrderPad helps your staff shave time off table turns and reduce order errors. Wait staff can take orders directly from the table and fire into the kitchen. Using CAKE OrderPad also cuts down on order errors because the staff has the most up-to-date menu in their hands at the table.

Effortless Integration with CAKE Point of Sale – The CAKE OrderPad is fully integrated into your CAKE Point of Sale, update an order on the POS and it is available on the OrderPad and vice versa. The CAKE OrderPad also uses the same interface as CAKE Point of Sale, so no training is required to get your team up to speed.

Detailed Pricing

Buy a bundle or build your own – either way you’ll be up and running in minutes!* 


CAKE OrderPad App –$49/MO Subscription Fee

(Includes CAKE OrderPad App + Support)


 CAKE Payment Reader –$99 Per device 

(Includes CAKE OrderPad App + Support, iMag Pro II Payment Reader)


*Works with iPad Mini 2/3/4, Air 1/2 and Pro models; CAKE recommended iPad Mini 2 or above. All New OrderPad solutions include a one-time $299 non-refundable activation fee, which includes shipment of a CAKE WiFi Access Point required for WiFi connectivity.

Visit trycake.com/products/restaurant-pos-system/orderpad for more information.